The gap between what is and what could be in education is enough to change the world.

I genuinely believe that.

There's no other institution on earth that so significantly and formatively impacts so many people. We haven't gotten it right (yet), but what if we could?

When I made the career change to education in my late 20's, I dove headfirst into the ocean of potential that this gap represented. The systemic challenges within the education system were no secret - visit any classroom, speak to any educator, or parent a school-aged child, and you'd bump into something that didn't seem quite right. Scan the workforce horizon and you'd be puzzled by a growing gap between education and industry.

But each barrier, constraint, challenge, or limit within the current state is really possibility in disguise. It's the opportunity to better meet students where they most need to be met, and to empower educators and ed leaders to use their expertise freely and lead the way where change is most urgently needed.

Over the last 7 years I've worked with thousands of teachers, administrators, and students across the US, first as an elementary teacher and STEM specialist, and then as a developer of teachers and teacher leaders. In 2016 I left the classroom to join STEM education leader Project Lead The Way, driving large-scale program developments for teacher professional development, training delivery, and curriculum advisory.

During this time I discovered an unseen, but very real intersection where education, innovation, and the real-world collide. It's a space of incredible possibility and urgency that will define the next generation of education. It's where the bridge is being built.

This is where I work. I help innovative educators, entrepreneurs, and organizations build and thrive in this intersection.

If you're working to move the needle from what is to what could be in education, let's work together.
Work With Me
My clients are change-makers and trail-blazers creating the future of education with innovative solutions. My services include project and retainer-based consultation/co-creation packages, and 1:1 coaching. If you're interested in working together, tell me about your project below.
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The Teacher Mastermind
The Teacher Mastermind connects future-focused educators and education entrepreneurs across the globe for peer coaching, collaboration, and co-creation through a next-level virtual network. Do you "see education differently"? The Mastermind is for you.
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Off the Assembly Line Podcast
We know it's time to disrupt education. The system expertly built for the factory era misses the mark for a modern world that exists in a state of constant-evolution. The good news is that the disrupters are already here. They are educators, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, and community-builders who see beyond constraints and build into possibility. And these are their stories.
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Teachers Grow Teachers
Teachers Grow Teachers is for educators and teacher leaders that are ready to level up and expand their reach. You've nurtured countless students - what if you could nurture teachers too? The TGT ebook provides you with 75 practical pages jam-packed with tips and strategies to help you deliver teacher professional development that makes an impact.
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