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Waiting for the Right Label?
      July 16, 2019
      Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am a ______________.

      Labels are an interesting thing. They describe us to the world and others in the world to us.

      They give us an idea of who does what, where to reach out for a given need, and how people contribute in different spaces.

      But when we look a little closer, we find that labels (including titles) do more than just describe:

      Labels give permission.

      Permission to speak. To share knowledge. To contribute in specific ways.

      They tell us who is allowed, and not allowed, to do what.

      Labels, it turns out, wield a surprising amount of power.

      The problem is that labels are not always distributed accurately. Or by the right people. Or at the right time.

      Come to think of it, why do we believe labels need to be bestowed at all?

      Who do you need to be, to do what you want to do?

      What is the project you're dying to start? Or the work you really want to do? Where does your voice need to be heard or your knowledge need to be shared?

      If you haven't started, ask yourself why.

      There's a good chance that, at the bottom of it, you're waiting for someone else to give you permission. To say you're the kind of person who does ____________. Or to label you in a way that will embolden you to act.

      Writer. Coach. Strategist.

      Let's try something else instead. Ask yourself who you need to be to do the work you want to do.

      Programmer. Leader. Entrepreneur.

      Now, give yourself that label.

      Pin it on like a nametag and give yourself the permission to do what that kind of person does.

      Speaker. Connector. Artist.

      Sure, some labels are reserved for the few and hold power precisely because they're bestowed. Some require specific achievement before they can be owned.

      But most don't fall into that bucket.

      What is the label you've been waiting to receive?

      Why not try it on for size...right now?

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