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Reimagining how Math is Learned and Taught
with Dr. Georgie Hart, Education Director and Co-Founder of Sparx
Is there any academic subject as universally polarizing or intimidating as math? Probably not. For students, educators, and parents alike, the subject can induce anxiety like no other - and we have the unfortunate data to prove it. But it doesn't have to be this way, and in this episode Dr. Georgie Hart, reveals an evidence-based path forward. Georgie is the Education Director and Co-Founder of Sparx, a UK based education company that's spent the last 8 years reimagining the way math is learned and taught in schools, and supports more than a million students and teachers in the UK. Georgie and I talk about what Sparx is doing differently, the very real phenomenon of math anxiety, and how educators and parents can help students develop confidence to thrive in math.
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Episode Extras
Here's who this week's guest is giving an 'A' to, and a few notable resources mentioned on the show.
👏Who are you Giving an 'A' to?
  • World of Work for the confidence they're instilling in students for future career opportunities and for their efforts to integrate and connect these opportunities in the classroom in meaningful ways. After all, you can't be what you can't see.
💡Notable Resources
Georgie's Tips for Reducing Math Anxiety:
  • Use finely graded content scaffolding
  • Find the zone of proximal development and stay in the flow
  • Reward effort
  • Encourage discussion of real feelings experienced related to math
The World Health Organization (WHO)
Founders 4 Schools
Sparx study on the effect of homework length on attainment in math
How to spot math anxiety in elementary student
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