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From the Student View: How Educators can Help Students Build the Muscle of Self-Education
with Andre Haykal Jr., Co-Founder of Innovate YOUniversity and Author of What They Won't Teach You
As an educator, you pour your full energy into your craft. In addition to the daily practices of pedagogy, social-emotional learning, and classroom management, there's a dedication to professional development and ongoing learning. From conferences to workshops, and research to trainings, you're consistently seeking answers to the big questions. Questions like, "What do my students need now, that will enable them to thrive when they're out in the world?" As an educator, you play the ultimate long game and often don't get to see the long-term results of your work.

But what if we could flip our perspective, and go straight to the source? What would thriving graduates tell us went right? What would they identify as the greatest impact on post K-12 success? In episode 11 I'm joined by Andre Haykal Jr., an entrepreneur, podcast host, and author - who just happens to be 19 years old. Andre pulls back a curtain we rarely see behind and shares the classroom experiences that fast-tracked his entrepreneurial journey, the urgency of building creativity and failure into the learning process, and how educators can help students build the muscle of self-education.
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