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Harnessing "Kid Energy" To Create Curriculum Students Connect With
with 2086xxoo, Founder and Creative Director of Liberation Education
2086xxoo, Founder of Liberation Education
How do you thrive as a true creative, in a system built for process? If you're 2086xxoo (or "20" for short), you dive in with both feet and "problem-solve your way through" the constraints.

Oh, and create curricular innovation along the way.

This week I'm honored to talk with the most innovative educator I have ever seen in action. 20 is the kind of teacher they make movies about, the kind of educator whose ability to connect with students and call up the best in them seems almost magical. Throughout a career that has spanned nearly every grade level, school type, and demographic environment, 20 has consistently fed the fire of creative work, recently launching the language arts platform for teachers and students, Liberation Education.

Think of Liberation Ed like an educational Netflix, with a library of original language arts hip hop songs and videos, created in collaboration with students, with full curriculum currently in the works. On this episode, 20 and I talk about harnessing the power of "kid energy" to create curriculum that students WANT to connect with, and how to thrive as true creatives in an education system stacked against the mold-breakers.
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Here's who this week's guest is giving an 'A' to, and a few notable resources mentioned on the show.
👏Who are you Giving an 'A' to?
  • My wife for her ongoing support that makes all of this possible
  • The teachers who are giving 200%, spending countless hours both in and out of the classroom, all to make a difference for their students
  • New teachers for their willingness to jump into difficult situations with little support and find ways to problem solve and love kids int he midst of it all
💡Notable Resources
  • Check out Liberation Education original song and video PIN to Win
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