When you do education differently, you often go alone. We think we're better together.

How does it work?
The Teacher Mastermind is a virtual network and online community that connects future-focused educators across the globe for peer coaching, collaboration, brainstorming, and skill-building.

✔ Curated small groups of 4-8 educators
✔ Bi-weekly live, virtual meetings
✔ 24/7 access to collaboration & co-creation
✔ Centered on members' goals & challenges

Tap into the minds and experience of highly skilled, innovative educators across the country, see your vision through, and help the others along the way.
Have questions? Let's connect!
Is the Teacher Mastermind for you?
The Teacher Mastermind isn't designed for everyone.
But if you've read this far, it's probably designed for you.
Teachers and Teacher Leaders
The Mastermind is for you, if you...

  • Are doing things differently than the status quo
  • Are creating innovative solutions for your students or the teachers you lead
  • Feel like you're the only one in your building teaching, leading, or thinking this way
  • Want to collaborate and co-create with like-minded educators
  • Are ready to have leading educators pour into and champion your vision
  • Simply want to level-up
    School and District Administrators
    The Mastermind is for your teachers and teacher leaders who...

    • Are top performers in your school or district
    • Struggle to find peers to collaborate with and learn from
    • Are always looking for ways to grow and get better
    • Lead and innovate
    • You want to empower for future school or district opportunities
    Generosity is the special sauce that makes the mastermind go. When like-minded educators show up ready to share their presence, insight, expertise, wisdom, skill, and empathy, you'll find (and help create) an environment that enables accelerated growth and learning.
    Ready to apply? Let's get started!
    This application is for mastermind groups starting Spring 2020. If you'd like to get started right away, you can apply to join the Teacher Mastermind Pilot, which is active now through November 2019.
    Teacher Mastermind Details
    Who is the Mastermind for?
    Mastermind members are high-impact teachers or teacher-leaders who are ready to level up and chase their goals with those that are doing education differently.
    How big are the groups?
    Each individual mastermind group is made up of 4-8 members. The number of groups operating at a given time varies.
    How are meetings facilitated?
    Meetings are facilitated by Rebecca, but members are in the driver's seat for collaboration and peer coaching around each member's personal goals and challenges.
    When do meetings take place?
    Each group meets bi-weekly for 1.5 hours. Meeting times are dependent on member preference and time zone. For information on the Pilot meeting times, email Rebecca.
    How long do groups meet?
    Each group follows a quarterly (3 month) duration, with options to continue on as a group past the 3 month mark if desired, or join another active group if space allows.
    How much does it cost?
    Mastermind membership costs $145.00/month or $375.00/3-month quarter. Annual membership will be available Spring 2020 for $1,375.00/year. Members are encouraged to utilize school or district professional development funds to cover membership, but may also purchase out of pocket.
    Why virtual?
    While in-person connection is great, virtual meetings allow us to connect with incredible educators we would never have access to otherwise and dive deeply with thought leaders from around the globe. The growth that comes out of this kind of diverse experience and knowledge is unlike any other available. Plus, any PD you can experience in sweatpants from your couch or home office is tops in my book.
    How do I become a member?
    All members are hand-picked for the mastermind through an application process. Once you've applied, I'll connect with you to get to know you and learn about your current goals and challenges. We'll also explore the ways that the mastermind will serve you, as well as the value you want to contribute to the group. Once we know it's a great fit, we'll finalize enrollment. Take the first step with the application.
    How much time will I spend?
    Since meetings are held bi-weekly, you can expect to spend 1-3 hours leveling up each week. On non-meeting weeks, you'll receive a mini-project and other resources related to your goals and growth. During these weeks you may spend 1-2 hours leveling up. On meeting weeks, you'll be using some of those same resources, but most of your mastermind time will be spent in our 1.5 hour meeting. You can expect to spend 2-3 hours leveling up during these weeks. The short answer is, as much as you want! You're in the driver's seat.
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